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#1 - 125 yards

#1 - 125 yards

The opening hole presents the player with one of the toughest challenges on the course. Players are forced to thread the needle between two tall trees to a turtle-back green. Balls landing to the left of the green can benefit from a bounce down the slope to the putting surface.

#2 - 108 yards

After a challenging first, players receive the benefit of a forgiving second. This 108-yard hole plays slightly downhill back toward the club house.

#4 - 114 yards

The fourth hole runs alongside Northshore Drive and has the distinction of being the flattest on the course. The right edge of the green is protected by a large oak tree. Be careful if you carry over top of this tree as the second and final bunker on the course awaits.

#6 - 135 yards

The sixth hole marks the longest yardage at Concord Park. However, the downhill tee shot allows for a club less into this flat, receptive green.

#8 - 125 yards

Perhaps the toughest hole at Concord Park, players are faced with a partially blind tee shot. Approaches favoring the right side of the green will trickle down to the putting surface. Upon reaching the green, players are rewarded with a gorgeous view of Fort Loudoun Lake.

#3 - 96 yards

The second shortest hole on the course provides a feast or famine challenge for players. Approach shots landing to the left of the green can benefit from the slope down to the putting surface. Missing the green to the right will send the ball down the slope to one of only two bunkers on the course.

#5 - 115 yards

The fifth hole measures 115 yards, but plays a club longer going up the hill. Shots just to the right of the green will funnel to the putting surface while shots to the left of the green will bounce away and leave a tough pitch.

#7 - 90 yards

The seventh hole marks the shortest yardage at Concord Park with the forward tee playing at 70 yards and the back tee at 90 yards. Despite the short distance, the seventh presents players a challenge with an uphill tee shot and lateral hazard running along the right side.

#9 - 115 yards

The closing hole at Concord Park leaves players with one of its stiffest challenges. The hole slopes from right to left the whole way with steep drop offs to the left and behind the green. Another terrific view rewards players from tee-to-green.