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Scott Stallings Kids Play Free Initiative

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How It Works

First time Kids Play Free participants will need to sign-up through the above link prior to play. Players will need to provide their name, an email address, gender, and age. This information is necessary for the grant process that helps make the Kids Play Free program possible.

Kids Play Free participants will then be given a membership card upon their first round at Concord with proof of sign-up completion that they will show when they check in to play for the first time.


About the Program
Beginning in 2018, kids age 17 and under have been able to play for free at both Concord Park and Beverly Park Golf Courses.

Thanks to the partnership between the Tennessee Golf Foundation (TGF) and PGA Tour player Scott Stallings, the Scott Stallings Junior Golf Kids Play Free program allows kids to play at no cost all year long.

This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce kids to the game and for the kids that have started to really fall in love with golf! 

Hear about how this initiative came about in Golf Digest and the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

No Clubs? No Problem!

Thanks to a Sticks for Kids grant from the Golf Course Builders Association of America, Concord Park has brand new  sets of US Kids Golf clubs in 5 different sizes for kids 17 & under to use for Kids Play Free at CPGC.

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