At Concord Park, we understand that people learn in different ways. That is why we provide you with four options for private lessons to help you improve your game, your way, at a great price.

45 - 60 Minute Lesson

One-on-one instruction addressing full swing, short game, and putting tips and drills designed to give you the tools to improve your game.

Cost: $35/session

30 Minute Mini Lesson

Fast-paced one-on-one instruction that focuses on one area of the game per session. Perfect for young kids or those seeking a quick fix.

Cost: $20/session

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30 Minute Playing Lesson

Tee it up with an instructor to play a few holes and receive instruction and demonstrations along the way. Emphasis on course strategy. Finish your round FOR FREE.
Cost: $20/session

Video Lesson

Requiring just a few minutes of time, we take a back-view and side-view video of your swing and text or email you a fully annotated video breakdown of your swing, how it can improve, and drills to help you get there. Play the rest of your round

Cost: $15

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